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Food for thought...

Every Little Helps WatchWords

WatchWords is pleased to announce it has got its teeth into another digital copywriting project with Tesco Bank. The supermarket-owned bank is the agency's major client, and has been ever-little-helping to serve up a main course of sustenance on our menu of projects.

2012 marks the third year WatchWords has been working for financial-based websites under the Tesco group, and has successfully-established relationships with key departments.

"We are pleased to be working with Tesco Bank's Team Digital again, bringing our web copywriting expertise to a challenging project," explains editorial director, Andy Moore. "A key part of the project is bringing a consistent tone of voice to the bank's brochureware, and writing effective natural search and SEO content."

This article was published on : 11 February 2012 | Go back to the News homepage