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'We will remember them'

Apostrophes, please...

Dear reader,

If GG denotes Great Grammar, PP Proper Punctuation then does AA represent Absent Apostrophes?  Just what has happened to our plural-pleasing, pal in modern written English?

Everywhere, albeit menus, car manuals or even obituaries, writers are not possessive enough about language's prize-possession. Where have they gone? Consumed by the cursor? Ditched by the delete key? At WatchWords, we strive to include our punctuation performer in the appropriate places. 

In a nutshell, well-written copy whether it's born in Edinburgh, Glasgow or wherever depends on getting the basics right from the ground up. We may at times get a little confused about where to place them - but there's no reason why apostrophes should be put away altogether. Like a piece of packaging that we don't know should be recycled or not, the wee mark has been binned by stealth. 

So, rant over readers.

Dear Sir,

Apostrophe WILL be at school today. He's learnt his teacher's punctuation lessons and has knuckled down to his homework. His absence ends here. Kind regards, Parent.

This article was published on : 17 March 2011 | Go back to the News homepage